04/26/2010 SweeTS

SweeTS 1.35 available

...after presenting TypoScript editor SweeTS 1.35 at the TYPO3 Camp Potsdam last weekend, we are happy to publish it today as a official, new release. We updated the help file (including tt_new too), templates, macros and add new tools for code formating (at the script menu).

Download your copy today!

04/24/2010 SweeTS

SweeTS at TYPO3 Camp Potsdam

Today Eckhard M. Jäger, lead developer of SweeTS present SweeTS exclusive on TYPO3 Camp Potsdam.

TYPO3 Camp Potsdam

07/12/2009 PSPad

PSPad 4.5.4 published

Today a new version of PSPad is available bringing again a lot of new features and bugfixes.

PSPad Website

10/07/2008 SweeTS

Milestone 1.30

...is around the corner. I'm nearly finished it so we will have a new fresh release after my DEV3 talk at the T3CON'08. Check out the release notes for details.

06/05/2008 TYPO3

External TypoScript, TemplaVoilà and FCE

GreenBanana published an interesting article about how to use external TypoScripts, TemplaVoilà and Flexible Content Elements (FCE). This fits perfect to the idea and workflow of SweeTS.

Typoscript Editor Features