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SweeTS TypoScript Editor features

SweeTS is a development enviroment for TypoScript and a external TypoScript editor. TypoScript is the template language of the content management system (CMS) TYPO3.

SweeTS includes

  • Syntax highlighting (including special highlighting for markers) and autocomplete for TypoScript
  • A code explorer
  • Dialogue macros for easy creation of code objects (path menu, content rendering, admin panel, user config, XHTML header, searchbox and more)
  • TypoScript templates
  • TypoScript tools (can be found at "Script" menu) like:
    • Code Formating
    • Code Block
    • Convert Comments
  • A TypoScript CHM Windows help file including the references and documentations :
    • TypoScript Config Reference
    • TypoScript Reference
    • TypoScript by Example
    • TypoScript Templates
    • TypoScript In-depth Study
    • tt_news
  • Online links to tutorial sites, communities, usergroups and official Typo3 sites
  • Searching for documentations and extensions using Google
  • Two color schemes for syntax highlighting
  • A TYPO3 skin for PSPad

About PSPad

PSPad is a very powerfull, fast and highly customizeable text editor for a hole bunch of languages. It is written by Jan Fiala and released as Freeware for OS Windows. In combination with Wine PSPad can also run under Linux. To learn more about PSPad and its very nice features visit www.pspad.com.

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